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Odd Socks

Odd Socks by John Robert Brown

illustrated by Harry Venning

Odd Socks, John Robert Brown's first collection of Quite Funny Poems will be published by Iron Press in November 2018.

Enjoy a journey around Brown's special world as he considers the arrival of traffic roundabouts in Japan in 2013, contemplates the uniqueness of Nuneaton and in literate and carefully-crafted verses, muses on the correct spelling and pronunciation of 'aitch'.

John Robert Brown also shares the delights of enduring an intrusive medical inspection by way of an endoscope, takes a look in Who's Who, and considers the experience of reading music at Oxford. Odd Socks is a welcome addition to that too small community of intelligent and witty poets.

Several of the poems are enhanced by the cartoons of Harry Venning, who created the famous Clare in the Community series in The Guardian and on BBC Radio Four.

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