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Rainbird; a play by Peter Mortimer Three Blue Beans in a Blue Bladder The Leopard's Reward

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The text of a new Peter Mortimer play about the North Shields painter Victor Noble Rainbird is published by IRON Press to coincide with the production by Cloud Nine Theatre Company.

Rainbird led a tragic life. His highly promising career as an artist saw him accepted as the only northern painter in the Royal Academy 1911 influx where he won several awards. But Rainbird's experiences in the First World War (shell shock, gas poisoning) left their mark. He slid into alcoholism and poverty, reduced to selling his paintings for liquor in the Shields hostelries.

For 80 years he was buried in a pauper's grave in Preston Cemetery, North Shields, and only recently has his reputation been salvaged.

Three Blue Beans in a Blue Bladder

Three Blue Beans is the latest in IRON Press's long running series of small haiku books, to accompany the reprint of the author's previous IRON Press haiku collection, Our Sweet Little Time, which also covered a year of the poet's life.

The Leopard's Reward

Why did Joe dodge his shift down the mine and what happened when his brother took his place? Can a computer get angry? Why did an encounter with an upturned glass so terrify a group of newsmen? Can new babies communicate without speaking?

These and other intriguing questions are posed in Gerard Loughran's short stories, written after years of foreign reporting and set in venues as far apart as Africa today and yesterday, France during World War One, ancient Tarsus, everyday Britain and outer space.

The author has now returned to his native North East to write his fiction. In his early years of journalism, Gerard Loughran worked for both the Evening Chronicle and the Northern Echo.

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