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Planet Corona, The First 100 Columns The Bitter Sweet Love of Randolph K. Mckinnon The IRON Book of Tree Poetry

Planet Corona, The First 100 Columns

IRON Press greets the new year with a look back at 2020. From the onset of the corona virus lockdown at the end of March 2020, writer and playwright Peter Mortimer began penning a daily column in The Journal, the morning newspaper based in Newcastle on Tyne. After 75 continuous columns, six pieces a week, he fell in a heap and reduced his output to twice weekly.

Here we produce the first 100 columns, a mixture of humour, satire, surrealism, absurdity and occasional anger as he fixes his unique eye on a world turned upside down.

"Planet Corona is amazing! First draft of history!"

Ian McMillan

More about Planet Corona.

The Bitter Sweet Love of Randolph K. Mackinnon

A Poetry Sequence From John Makinson

John Makinson's second volume of poetry, The Bitter Sweet Love of Randolph K. Mckinnon is a lover's tale told through a sequence of poems. Beginning with a honeymoon and ending in tragedy, it is a story of love and a lusty and physical marriage. Both a book of poetry and a novella - related mainly from the male perspective, but occasionally from the female - the poems are intelligent, witty, often erotic, and ultimately poignant.

More information about The Bitter Sweet Love of Randolph K. Mckinnon here.

Tree Poetry

IRON Press greeted spring 2020 with The IRON Book of Tree Poetry: it contains more than 50 contemporary poems inspired by trees, selected from more than 500 submitted.

Contributors include such well-known writers as Linda France, Robin Moss, Kitty Fitzgerald, Jacob Polley, S.J. Litherland, Peter Bennet and Debjani Chatterjee plus many new voices.

The settings include forests, woods, city centres, rubbish tips and there's even one poem set underwater. As well as celebrating the trees, the imaginative response of the authors emphasises what a vital role the trees are now seen to play in the future of our fragile planet.

The book is edited by Eileen Jones and Peter Mortimer with a foreword by celebrated tree expert and author, Max Adams.

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