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As publishers become more corporate, global and boring, IRON Press champions new quality writing as it has done since 1973. IRON runs events and launches; it also thinks literature is both serious and fun.

IRON Press editor Peter Mortimer writes an occasional blog on the Inpress website.

We apologise for the recent disruption of our sales system; we are pleased to announce that the difficulty has now resolved, and PayPal has now removed the limitation on our account. You can now carry on shopping using PayPal, as well as all the other methods for buying our exciting publications!

Grief Road Sunburst

New books

Vanessa Furse Jackson reading at her launch event

Pictured above, Vanessa Furse Jackson reading from The Grief Road, her memorable group of poems about coming to terms with bereavement of a loved one, recently launched at P & G Wells Bookshop in Winchester. A good turn-out and the shop sold every one of the 40 copies supplied. Not surprising, because it is a brilliant collection. Find out for yourself!

Also published this Autumn, Ray Tallis' new book of poems, Sunburst. We published Ray's first two poetry books many years ago and we're delighted to bring out new verse from this talented polymath. It's a challenging and thought provoking collection.

Read more about Sunburst.

Neither to be missed (even if we are biased)!


ALIENS: Deadline extended

SUBMISSIONS remain open for a new IRON Press anthology of short stories called ALIENS, to be published late in 2020, edited by the novelists Carol Clewlow and Kitty Fitzgerald.

This is not a competition. There is no fee and no prizes. Authors included will receive two free copies. Extra copies can be ordered at trade price and writers may be invited to read their work at launch events.

Please interpret this subject as imaginatively as possible. Aliens can come from outer space, but the word is also used to denote people from a foreign land. These may be cold and hungry, arriving across the channel in a dangerous and leaky boat, or alternatively be rich foreign oligarchs buying up the city of London. The interpretation is yours.

Full details on our News page!

And see our Coming Soon page for news of our previous challenge to authors, The IRON Book of Tree Poetry!


All publishers, large or small, are submerged with submissions. As the creative writing courses mushroom, simultaneously outlets for aspirant writers have shrunk. This unfortunate state of affairs and its inevitable logjam has caused many publishers to adopt a 'fortress' mentality, making it virtually impossible to talk to them or submit anything to them without undergoing a lengthy vetting procedure. In some cases they just don't want anyone sending in at all.

If you want to submit to us, please ring first (0191 2531901) and speak to the editor (yes, a real person, not an automated voice!) who will let you know if it's worth proceeding further.

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