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As publishers become more corporate, global and boring, IRON Press champions new quality writing as it has done since 1973. IRON runs events and launches; it also thinks literature is both serious and fun.

IRON Press editor Peter Mortimer writes an occasional blog on the Inpress website.

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A message from Peter Mortimer

We are sorry that decisions on the TREES anthology of new poems are a bit later than planned.

We had many hundred of submissions, and everything is read carefully by we two editors, Eileen Jones and myself. We have also been a bit swamped with the IRON OR Festival.

We will inform all you patient poets individually by the end of the Summer, so once again thank you for not complaining!

IRON OR - Festival brochure


IRON OR, the fourth IRON Press Festival of Words and Music, ran from June 20th - 23rd.

As usual, the festival's full of fantastic stuff, so click on the link and find to just what's on offer.

If you want hard copies of the brochure, just get in touch at or ring on 0191 253 1901.

And if you're wondering what an IRON Festival might be like, have a look at the programme for the original IRON Age festival - now with a video sampler!

The Bairn; a memoir of a Cullercoats childhood This Cullercoats; an anthology

Festival launches

The Festival will also see the launch of two books which focus on Cullercoats, the very special seaside village which is the Festival's home.

The Bairn was first published by IRON Press in 2006, and is now reprinted especially for the Festival. Author Elaine Whitesides will read from this evocative account of growing up in Cullercoats Village in the 1950s and also run a workshop on memoir writing.

This Cullercoats is an anthology commissioned from the village's six working writers - Carol Clewlow, Kitty Fitzgerald, Harry Gallagher, Peter Mortimer, Pauline Plummer and Josephine Scott - who responded both in prose and in verse. The collection offers a broad range of work inspired in some way by the distinctive coastal village and embraces fiction, mythology and poetry.


All publishers, large or small, are submerged with submissions. As the creative writing courses mushroom, simultaneously outlets for aspirant writers have shrunk. This unfortunate state of affairs and its inevitable logjam has caused many publishers to adopt a 'fortress' mentality, making it virtually impossible to talk to them or submit anything to them without undergoing a lengthy vetting procedure. In some cases they just don't want anyone sending in at all.

If you want to submit to us, please ring first (0191 2531901) and speak to the editor (yes, a real person, not an automated voice!) who will let you know if it's worth proceeding further.

Photo of the IRON gate © 2015 Dylan Mortimer; IRON gate made by John Charlton, from the original logo design by Geoff Laws.

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